Alexander Wang Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Girls Collection

Ready To Wear Women's Spring 2012  With a Fragmented Hand, Speed, Racing & a sense of endangerment are abstractly captured in the spring 2012 Collection. The speed and Velocity of high performance Sports like dirt biking & Nascar racing are reflected conceptually through variations of meshes and technical methods of lasering, burn outs and perforation. The presence of  mesh recurs bringing an X-RAY ffect that Encourages Fluidity when applied to Stiff Fabrics & Leather & shown out of context, When reinterpreted in fabrics that feel Bourgeois, like double faced Organza & silk Taffeta. prints play in important role this season and repeated through out the collection, such as a Feminine Botanical print that is collaged and patterned. In some Instances, Fade to white. The sport theme is Referenced a gain in a more Literal Regard in prints that are Emblems of stadium seating and roadway Signs. A more controlled Silhouette is introduces in spring that Cinched Waists & over sized panels that Create a peplum profile. The color palate stays natural with petrol blue, deep burgundy, Chalky white, Palm, Mint, & a pop of emergency Orange. For accessories, Underworld sea Creatures Inspire the range with Materials of parrot, fish and rubberized Stingray. Ready To Wear for Women's.source

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