ZAMRIE | Latest Fall Collection 2012 by Zamrie | Winter Clothing 2012 for Girls

JACLYN TANK Tops for Girls
Ashley pursued Owned Zamrie Clothing brand, As one of six chosen designers of the Chicago Fashion Incubator 2009, a promising program sponsored by Macy’s and the City of Chicago, Ashley has had the opportunity to start her own label, ZAMRIE. Offering beautifully tailored blouses, Ashley aims to offer women the couture of the runway in their everyday lives. Zamrie tops can be mixed and matched, dressed up or down, and shared by women of all ages. Just as the smallest act of kindness goes unnoticed, the refined details in our garments allow the ZAMRIE woman to exude confidence in her timeless, yet intriguing wardrobe. Source
 Zamrie Chocolate Petey Vest
 Zamrie Dust Petey Vest
 Zamrie Melissa Tunic
Zamrie Nicky Tunic

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