Nadia Nael- Stairs By Rouge - Faraz Manan | Winter Collection by Faraz Manan 2012

Rough By Faraz Manan Winter Collection 2011-2012 | Winter collections 2012 Nadia Nael- Stairs BY Faraz Manan | Rouge by Faraz Manan Winter Outfits for Men and Women
Rouge - Faraz Manan is One of the most sought after names in Pakistan for Couture and Bridal Wear. Rouge has made a mark and impact on the creme DE la creme with their exclusive glamorous designs n extravagant campaigns.Rouge - Faraz Manan is working since 2003 and dealing with Couture- Bridal, Formals, Menswear.Source

Winter Collection in Golden Theme for men and women by Faraz Manan 2012
Winter Collection in Silver theme for boys and girls by Faraz Manan 2012
Embroidered Frock and Pant shirt with black outline for boys by faraz manan
Long Golden Frock for ladies and Black Stylish pant coat for gents
Nadia Nael- Stairs By Rouge - Faraz Manan
Nadia Nael Stairs Winter Outfits By Rouge - Faraz Manan

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