Mulberry-Street Fashion Design Incubator | Mulberry St. 2011 Autumn/Winter Knitwear Collection

 Mulberry St. Chuan popular by the Australian Information Co.Ltd. was established in 2010 years a new clothing brand, from design to production are manufactured in Taiwan, Republic of China All clothing Textile Federation have passed the authentication, it is standard MIT smile in Taiwan excellent chapter of qualified vendors, the goal is to provide all women with the highest quality and most original design knitted clothing.
Mulberry St. Brand by designer Gary Lin founded in 2010, knit apparel brand, hoping to give the knitted sweater new life and creativity, using different sewing methods to design knitted sweater, knitted sweater to have a modern and more the characteristics of personal style.Mulberry St. Originated in a small traditional knitwear factory in Gary in 2010 joined the production team.Article source & translated by She-Styles.
 Mulberry Autumn Winter Knitwear Collection 2012
 Mulberry-Street Fashion Design Incubator knitwear Collection

Mulberry St. 2011 Autumn/Winter Knitwear Collection

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