Fleurette | Women's Fall/Winter Collection 2011-2012 by FLEURETTE

Fleurette Launched In 1949 a team of artisans, looking to fill a void in the marketplace, created a collection of high fashion quality coats in a small workshop in Los Angeles, California. This collection designed for and sold exclusively in high-end retail boutiques and specialty stores was dubbed FLEURETTE.FLEURETTE harkens back to the time when quality was the norm, when output was measured in hundreds, not thousands. Manufactured in a large modern facility, our coats pass through the hands of as many as seventy people before leaving the factory floor. At FLEURETTE, each coat is still finished by hand one at a time. The beauty and wearabilty is a testament to the individual skill that goes into the making every FLEURETTE coat .FLEURETTE stood for the theory that form should meet function and end in beauty.source
Faux Fur Coats in Black Winter Fur coats
Off White Fur coat 2012
Stylish Fur Coat for Girls
Winter belt style coats
Velvet Hooded Co
Women's coats & jackets
Women's Short coats style
Black long Coat with beautiful cuts
High neck Shirt with silk Coat
Warm Coat in black and red color
Trench leather coat in grey color
Wide collar style front open coat 

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