Classic Riotville designs | New Riotville By RIOTVILLE Clothing

 RIOTVILLE is a Melbourne based clothing label created by twin sisters Sarah and Louise. After completing 3 years studying fashion design and a small business course, Riotville clothing was established in 2008. From a very young age Sarah and Louise have always had a love for fashion, drawing and all things artistic, they have also won many awards to credit their names in the fashion industry. Sarah and Louise currently Design and construct all of there own limited edition pieces concentrating on creating quality clothing with a fit that complements the feminine figure.As well as designing and making clothing Riotville also have produced a porcelain jewelery range in which each and every piece is handcrafted from fine porcelain, hand painted to perfection, then kiln fired.
 The twins behind Riotville not only like to think of themselves as designers, but also as artists.Riotville clothing like to use dark mysterious shades with hints of color to highlight fine details creating striking unique garments. Behind the name lies there inspiration, the word ‘RIOT’ reflects the edgy rebelliousness of the punk and indie scene and the word ‘VILLE’ represents the classic inspiration of the Victorian era and the rockabilly movement of the 1950s. Combining both those words and influences Riotville clothing can be defined as a classy street wear label with a rock and roll attitude.source

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