Necklines & Motifs Embroidery designs By Braids & Buttons

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Motifs In the textile arts, a motif  (also called a block or square) is a smaller element in a much larger work. In knitting and crochet, motifs are made one at a time and joined together to create larger works such as afghan blankets or shawls. A good example of a motif is the granny square.Motifs can be any size, but usually all the motifs in any given work are the same size. The patterns and stitches used in a motif may vary greatly, but there is almost always some unifying element, such as texture, stitch pattern, or colour, which gives the finished piece more aesthetic appeal.Source
 The neckline can frame the shoulders, neck and face, and change their apparent width, height and angularity. It is generally advised that the neckline shape be chosen to balance the wearer's natural features. Thus, a face with round curves is well-framed by an angular (linear) neckline and collar, whereas an angular face is softened with curves. Similarly, a short neck and face will appear lengthened by necklines with strong vertical (or nearly vertical) lines, such as a plunging V neckline (or a long knotted scarf or necklace); conversely, high necklines such as the jewel or turtleneck types balance long faces. Broad shoulders can seem more narrow with style lines that converge inwards (e.g., the halter neckline), whereas pear-shaped figures can be balanced by diverging or horizontal lines, e.g., an off-the-shoulder or boat neckline.Source

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