Nada Khan Prêt-à-Porter Winter/Fall Collection | She-Styles Nada Khan Designer Pret Clothing

Nada Khan Prêt-à-Porter Dresses For Woman's | Winter/Fall Collection 2011-12 by Nada Khan | Nada Khan Fashion Designer
Nada Khan was born out of a thought to re-look fashion anddesign without any preset notions.She did not believe her designs need to be kitschy to be Pakistani.Her clothes are about color, carefully balanced, simple,yet interesting shapes and traditional hand crafted details reworked... in the contemporary context.The styling is largely casual and easy to wear.The look is not about an age group but about a mind set, willing to have some fun with clothes.Her forte lies in the unique juxtaposition of different fabrics, colors and various surface ornamentation techniques in a single garment. Nada Khan believes Creativity seeks no boundaries and on this belief she weaves a world of chic and contemporary fashion.Nada Khan Prêt-à-Porter Winter/Fall Collection design credo is to explore, innovate, experiment and enjoy.Source

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