Leisure Club | Li’l Lumberjacks Fall-Winter Collection 2011 for Kids and teens

Leisure Club A Seriously Fun Time Winter/Fall Kid/Children wear 2011
Leisure Club Crazy Coloured Cardigans Fall-Winter Collection 2011 for Kids/Childern
Li’l Lumberjacks Fall-Winter Collection 2011 for Kids
These Three recent Kids wear are launched by Leisure Club its a very famous and Stylish brand in fashion and Garments industry.Once upon a time, in a land of 180 million people, where locally made good quality, trendy, and affordable clothing was not available, a compassionate & quality-obsessed company by the name of Sefam Pvt. Ltd. stepped forward to make a change. And so, on 18th April 1997, hard-coded with the values of quality, integrity, compassion and ingenuity, Leisure Club was launched.
This kids wear Latest trendy and fashion able winter/Eid Garments are brought you by She-Style
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