Exclusive Fall Winter Collection For Kids By Eden Robe 2012

Eden Robe Winter Party wear Dresses For Kids | Eden Robe Winter collection For Kids 2011-12 | Kids Party Wear & Winter Collection 2011-12 By EDEN ROBE
EDEN ROBE is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of ready made garments.The Label that made the concept of ready-made garments a household reality. We initiated our journey in the year 1988. Ever Since this brand has progressed from being just another family store to a complete fashion and lifestyle emporium.The company has been successfully catering to a wide spectrum of customers for over two decades.After years of diligent efforts and sheer experience has made the Company’sManagement to rethink and collectivize the former brands under one name.As a result EDEN ROBE came into being in Oct 2006 with the flagship Outlet at Dolmen Mall Karachi.Throughout this expansion and diversification the principle have remained the same, designed-led products presented in a unique and innovative way.In the non-stop world of fashion it takes dynamism and intuition to keep moving and we are constantly developing both our product and our vision of the future just keeps on growing.Eden Robe Deals in MEN's Wear : Sherwani, Coat Pant, Shalwar Kameez Formal and Casual Pant Shirts,T-Shirts and Neck Tie.Girl's Wear : Frock, Tops, Trousers, Pishwas, and Kurti's.Boys Wear : Sherwani, Coat Pant, Shalwar Kameez Formal and Casual Pant Shirts,T-Shirts.Source

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