Complete catalogue of LSM Gorgeous wintery Collection 2011-12

In a span of 58 years Lakhany Silk Mills has travelled a long distance to achieve the milestone and market reputation that it possesses now. It all began when we decided to get in to this business with the vision to make a splash in the industry. We have been working for the last two generations and now we are regarded in the industry as those who understand textile in its deepest form. We have been a leading player in home textile and garments from Pakistan. To maintain and keep producing excellent work, we keep abreast of the ever changing shape of the global market and try to meet the needs of our customers in the best way possible. Be it weaving or stitching the products from Lakhany Silk Mills are one of the best. Our vision is to provide our consumers with finest quality products and reasonable prices. This sets us apart from our competitors and we always strive to maintain this status keeping in mind customer satisfaction and producing in a cost effective and environment friendly manner.source
                                     Check out recent collection of Lakhany silk mills Below.    

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