Latest Evening Wear for Women By Rizwan Moazzam

Bridal wear Front open Shirt With Bridal Tail Sharara
Evening Wear For Women's By Rizwan Moazzam | Brilliant Evening Wear by Rizwan Moazzam | Gorgeous Women's Evening Wear by Rizwan Moazzam
Latest Evening Wear for Women By Rizwan Moazzam is showcased for Bridal or Formal-Semi Formal Dresses in Pishwaz,A-line Shirts ,Frocks,Trail Gown Center platted Shirts ,Sharara etc in very cool colors for winter season ,lets have a look on it.
Rizwan Moazzam started their career by working for other designers & opened a small shop at Rabi Centre in the year 2000.Their work is highly respected Locally & internationally.Self taught Rizwan Moazzamare very passionate about their work.Source
Centre Plated A-line Fown color Dress or Salwaar kamees
Centre Plated A-line frock
deep purple front open shirt with box by rizwan moazzam
Double layered pishwaz
Double layered Pishwaz in magenta and purple
Embroidered eve wear dress
Embroidered Frock with choori dar sleeves formal wear
Front open A-line Dress for Girls and brides
Front open Trail gown
Front open Trail gown in fown color
Pishwas for Women by Rizwan moazzam
Printed centre plated Shirt
Red bridal sharara in front open design
three panels pishwaz

Sherwanis | Groom wear 2012 | Rizwan Moazzam Sherwani Collection For Men 2012

 Latest designs of groom's sherwani collection by Rizwan Moazzam | Rizwan Moazzam Latest Sherwani Collection For Men | Wedding wear Groom Sherwani's by Fashion Designer Rizwan Moazzam
The House of HSY proudly announces its debut collection of lawn prints, “The World of HSY”, available for retail through nationwide exhibitions and at fabric outlets from the first week of April 2011.
An extension of HSY’s prêt a porter philosophy, The World of HSY prints will be retailed as an unstitched range of complete ensembles. Priced competitively with twenty designs within the collection... and each design available in three distinct colour palettes, The World of HSY Prints endeavours to bring forward the fashion houses’ coveted aesthetic to a larger audience of women in Pakistan, through this accessible brand.
 With a mélange of textures, patterns and hues, the first World of HSY collection will include a diverse assortment of prints present in each ensemble allowing the consumer to mix and match instead of remaining confined to a single print outfit. Furthermore, having achieved much success and critical acclaim for their menswear, The World of HSY is also including specific unisex cotton prints within their debut collection to also cater to their ever increasing male clientele. Source

Ayesha Khurram Monochrome Collection 2012 | Latest Ayesha Khurram Pret Winter Collection 2012

 Ayesha Khurram Fall/Winter Collection 2012 | Ayesha Khurram Winter Clothes for Ladies Collection 2012 | Winter Pret Dresses Collection 2012 by Ayesha Khurram
Ayesha Khurram Pret Winter Collection 2012 is Launched but not yet completely When she will present complete collection we will post it as soon as possible for our respected readers and also write our views about this collection.
Ayesha Khurram has been in the fashion business for 10 years, and last summer, she decided to expand her pret line by launching her very own signature store. The launch focused on the new line, which boasted many elegant yet contemporary designs - using a combination of embroidery and sequins that has yet to be seen in Pakistan. The experimentation with patterns, figures and faces has been a phenomenal success and continues to be a trendsetter in the Pakistani fashion market.Source

Mughal Dynasty Fall Winter Collection for Men 2011-2012 by Chinyere

 Chinyere Mughal Dynasty Winter Collection for Men | Chinyere Fall Winter Collection for Men 2011-2012 |  Mughal Dynasty Winter Outfits For Boys by Chinyere

Chinyere Mughal Dynasty Women Winter Collection 2011-2012

 Exclusive Chinyere Mughal Dynasty 2012 Fall Winter Collection | Winter Mughal Dynasty Collection 2011‎ for Women by Chinyere | Chinyere Mughal Dynasty Winter Collection 2011-2012

Necklines & Motifs Embroidery designs By Braids & Buttons

 Neckline Fashion | Gala -Neck Designs of Kameez Dresses | Motifs and bunches fashion | Embroidered Necklines
Motifs In the textile arts, a motif  (also called a block or square) is a smaller element in a much larger work. In knitting and crochet, motifs are made one at a time and joined together to create larger works such as afghan blankets or shawls. A good example of a motif is the granny square.Motifs can be any size, but usually all the motifs in any given work are the same size. The patterns and stitches used in a motif may vary greatly, but there is almost always some unifying element, such as texture, stitch pattern, or colour, which gives the finished piece more aesthetic appeal.Source
 The neckline can frame the shoulders, neck and face, and change their apparent width, height and angularity. It is generally advised that the neckline shape be chosen to balance the wearer's natural features. Thus, a face with round curves is well-framed by an angular (linear) neckline and collar, whereas an angular face is softened with curves. Similarly, a short neck and face will appear lengthened by necklines with strong vertical (or nearly vertical) lines, such as a plunging V neckline (or a long knotted scarf or necklace); conversely, high necklines such as the jewel or turtleneck types balance long faces. Broad shoulders can seem more narrow with style lines that converge inwards (e.g., the halter neckline), whereas pear-shaped figures can be balanced by diverging or horizontal lines, e.g., an off-the-shoulder or boat neckline.Source

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